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This is Samantha. She was a Y2K Christmas present from one of my roomate's friends. She was a "Thank You" for letting her and her two small children stay with me in my apartment for two months. She is a Prima Donna and I'm very lucky she lets me stay here with her.

Valentine. We call her Tina. I got Tina when she was about 2 weeks old from a Hispanic lady on my last day in California, August 26, 2001. The momma-kitty had abandoned her babies, and this old lady was trying to feed the kittens. I heard them screaming from accross the street and went to check it out. When I got there, I picked up Tina and she started purring right away. I don't speak any Spanish, so my friend, Valentine, whom we call Tino talked the woman into letting me keep her kitten. She's so beautiful.

Toby was abandoned by a family moving out of the apartments I live in. I took her in hesitantly, but she is the sweetest little kitten. She loves attention. She has one annoying habit I can't seem to break.... she likes to play with toilet paper... the whole roll.