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Finding the Love of My Life

Every person has their own unique definition of this alluring concept of Love. Our definitions are a combination of what we've learned, what we have seen, and what we want.

What I've Learned:

I have learned that Love cannot be defined with words of emotion. Love is bigger than emotion. I have learned that Love is made up of small decisions that we make on a daily basis; decisions about how to treat another person. I have learned that the Heart is full of inconsistancies and deceptions, but Love comes from more than the Heart. Love comes from the whole person.

What I've Seen:

I have seen a man who loves his wife. He calls her Beautiful. He treats her with respect and reverence. He is the head of his household, and he makes decisions based on his love for her. He wants the best for her. I have seen a woman who loves her husband. She is confident in his love for her, and follows his lead. She trusts him. She is confident in his decisions. She knows she is cared for. I have seen a woman whose heart has decieved her. She believes she is Loved, not seeing the scars and bruises. Forgeting hospitals and anger, but still living in fear. I have seen a man whose heart has decieved him. He does not know his wife. He does not know where she spends her nights, and the sweet nothings she whispers into another man's ears.

What I Want:

I want to be loved completely by a man that inspires my trust. I want to be discovered. I want to be cherished like a prized Jewel that becomes more rare and precious each and every day. I want a man I can serenade the sound of my love upon. I want a lifetime of intellegent conversation, romantic getaways, new adventures, playfulness, dancing, giving to the world, security, trust, faithfulness, integrity...